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Lab-on-cables filmed with external camera (superimposed with long-exposure photo of robot movement): VIDEO, relevant paper

Lab-on-cables with onboard camera (real insect in white, 3D model in pink): VIDEO, relevant paper

 Pannequin R., Jouaiti M., Boutayeb M., Lucas P., Martinez D. (2020) Automatic tracking of free-flying insects using a cable-driven robot. Science Robotics. PDF


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Neuronal recording in freely moving animals with wireless data transmission


Relevant publications:

Martinez D., Clement M., Messaoudi B., Gervasoni D., Litaudon P., Buonviso N. (2017) Adaptive quantization of local field potentials in freely moving animals: an open-source neural recording device. Journal of Neural Engineering.



For behavioral experiments, we use koala and khepera robots from k-team and various sensors. In the past, we tested robot chemotaxis (Martinez et al., 2006) and robot infotaxis (Martin-Moraud and Martinez, 2010) with gas and heat sensors, respectively. Currently, we use the antennae of tethered moths mounted on a khepera robot as pheromone sensors (Martinez et al., 2013; Martinez et al., 2014). See the figure below and the video section for more details.