Research grants

 External funding (last 10 years):

  • Funding from the Lorraine region 2014 for the project « Plateforme bio-robotique pour l’étude de la mobilité chez l’insecte ».
  • Pherotaxis (leader of WP5 Biorobotics) 2011-2014: State grant (program “Investissements d’avenir”, grant ANR-10-BINF-05).
  • Inria/INRA (PI) 2010-2011: Joint research action Olfactory coding in the pheromonal pathway of insects.
  • Olfactory rythms 2010: National project from the neuroinformatic program of the CNRS.
  • Neurochem (leader of WP3 processing of odour representations) 2008-2010: FP7 European project Neurochem (STREP ICT FP7) Biologically inspired computation for chemical sensing.
  • Pherosys (leader of WP3 Several glomeruli: network properties, oscillation, synchronization and inhibition) 2008-2010: Joint ANR-BBSRC France-Britain project Pherosys: olfactory coding in the insect pheromone pathway: models and experiments.
  • Olfactory coding (PI) 2007-2008: National project from the CNRS neuroinformatic program.
  • BioSens (PI) 2006-2008: Biomimetic Sensing. Associated team BioSens between Inria and the University of Science and Technology of Hong Kong.
  • RDNR 2007-2008: non-smooth dynamical networks.Cooperative research action from Inria (RDNR).
  • GOSPEL (leader of the Biopatana: biomimetic pattern analysis) 2005-2007: General Olfaction and Sensing Projects on a European Level.FP6 European network of excellence GOSPEL.
  • International partnership Hubert Curien (PHC) Procore with UST of Hong Kong 2006-2007:  Temperature-modulated tin oxide sensors and Bio-inspired processing for electronic nose applications. 
  • International integrated action program (PAI) Procore with UST of Hong Kong 2004-2005: Electronic nose microsystem based on an array of gas sensors and biologically inspired pattern recognition. 
  • Funding from the Lorraine region in 2005 to pay for the internship of student G. Bin.  
  • SawCapt 2003-2005: National project ACI “Nouvelles Méthodologies Analytiques et Capteurs”.
  • Neuronal dynamics (Co-PI) 2003-2004: National project ACI ”Cognition & Traitement de l'Information”.
  • NOSE (PI) 2002-2004: Cooperative research action from Inria olfactory perception and autonomous robotics.